Along the River, 2013-2016, 48 color images, 6x7 negative, inkjet print on Photo Rag Baryta, dimensions 100x80cm and 80x60cm


Between 2013 and 2017 I’ve made 23 trips along the Danube river in Romania, in order to document the river’s landscapes and the people who live along it. I started this journey in 2013 in Bazias village, the Danube’s gate Romania and I ended it in 2017 in Sulina city, the place where Danube flows into the Black Sea.


Carefully mapped and documented in the others country by which Danube pass away, on its last portion becomes a ghostly river. Romania has the longest part of Danube, 1075 km, but we know very little about how the landscapes look and how the people lives are there.