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Born in Bucharest, Romania, 1988

Lives and works in Bucharest.


2020-2021, PostGraduate, HISK, Gent, Belgium

2013-2015, MFA, UNARTE, Bucharest, Romania (master student of Iosif Kiraly)

2010-2013, BFA, UNARTE, Bucharest, Romania



Dani Ghercã uses photography to examine the notion of urbanity, scale, and disconnection.  In his photographic quest, he aims to transmit a feeling of confusion, awe, and claustrophobia onto the viewerHis large-scale photographs reflect on the current transition to a new phase of human consciousness that we don’t yet fully understand. 

In Ghercă's cityscapes, in a time when life is changing faster than we can comprehend due to technological disruptions, the city is no longer represented by architecture or people but is reduced to an endless flow of data.

By underexposing his pictures and twisting the image’s perspective, he creates confusion, evoking a sense of urban and social alienation many of us experience today in a world that is changing at a super-fast pace.


Prior to his current practice (between 2010 and 2019) he worked on different projects that document the social and economic shifts that occurred as a result of the Romanian Revolution and the country's EU membership. Some of the main subjects of his earlier works include marginalized groups living in a maze of underground tunnels in Bucharest ("Tunnels and Pipes" 2011-2015) or the decay of communist working-class neighbourhoods in Romania ("A Diagram of Utopia" 2014-2017).

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